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Crypto Currency Council airdrop

Reward: 20 USD (BTC/ETH)

Referral System: 5 USD (BTC/ETH)

Airdrop Link: https://t.me/CCC_Airdrop_Bot


Register on : Crypto Currency Council Platform

Join Telegram Group (Then send message with your Name, Country and What you think about Cryptocurrency Industry)

Follow Twitter and retweet the pinned post

Like and Join to Facebook page

Follow Instagram

Reward will be distributed to your BTC/ETH wallet address at 30th April 2020

📘Additional Information:
Crypto Currency Council is a global network of cryptocurrency users to empower the industry with right knowledge and information. It aims to stabilize sudden fluctuations of trading market, Provide access to top research papers , technical trends and interaction with leaders of the industry.



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