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💲 Total Reward: Receive up to $50 of ELD Tokens and $2 of ELD Tokens for each referral.

✈ Start ETH.Limited Airdrop Bot.

✅ Airdrop Rules:

📌 Start Telegram Bot.
📌 Follow their Telegram group & Channel.
📌 Follow on Twitter.
📌 Follow on Facebook.
📌 Follow on Youtube.

🌀 Submit your details to the airdrop Form given on the bot with your Ethereum Wallet Erc-20.

➕ Additional Information:
☑ ELD Wallet is a Decentralized wallet that supports ELD token Staking network, Etereum and ERC-20 Token.
☑ Investors who used the ELD token for Staking, they will get a profit of 6% to 15% monthly.
☑ ELD Wallet is a platform of decentralized applications, such as: Dapps Games, Dapps Invest Staking, Decentralized Exchange …

🌀 ETH Limited Website for more info.


⚠ NOTE: I am not a financial adviser. I am not on the company team. Please Do your own research.



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