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Flame.Exchange focuses mainly on the following four points:

Security – Built and maintained to the highest security practices to ensure our users and their funds are always protected. We encrypt your personal data and private keys with 256-bit encryption.
Reliability – We strive to keep the best uptime possible (5nines)
Privacy – You are not required to submit KYC documents until you trade $20,000+ in a space of 3 days
Speed – We use a high speed caching CDN to deliver the fastest connections around the world

More features:

User metrics – Keep a tab on your buys, sells, histories, deposits, withdraws & logins
Amazing Support – Extremely fast support responses. We don’t wait around. You can also ask questions in our social groups. (Scroll up)
Low fees – Fees as low as 0.015%
Adjustable trading dashboard – You can rearrange tiles such as chart, markets, order book & more on our trading page.
Multi-lingual support – Multiple major languages are built into the exchange
Dark/Light mode – You can change to a darker or lighter theme at will


Later into our launch we will release a leaderboard system rewarding users with highest earning trades, most trades, most trade value, etc
We will also announce weekly rewards on our social sites, (e.g. Telegram) so join and stay tuned for a chance to earn!


We are launching Flamcoin alongside Flame.Exchange. Flamecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin that will provide value as a coin to the exchange. Lots of coins will have trading pairs with Flamecoin, driving the price and demand of Flamecoin up, making this an investment opportunity towards Flame.Exchange

Other stuff:

We have a feedback & review thead here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5239037
We don’t actually have many markets right now, so if you would like to list a coin, see the section below!

Coin Listings:

Your coin may be eligible for a free listing on Flame.Exchange!
If you would like to apply, you can do so here: https://bit.ly/2xLf8fg
You can also contact @AtomicLemon regarding any special terms, but if it’s possible, the form is much appreciated

Things to note:

Throughout this week, we will be listing a lot more coins, markets and big updates, so stay tuned using our social channels. We are trying to move away from Discord and into Telegram as it’s just much easier.



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