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RoboInvest project was launched in 2017. Later a small enthusiasts group has got a common goal – to change the investments world and make it work to achieve their goals. Our highly-experienced team has developed unique trading robots, based on the neural networks and artificial intelligence incorporate strategies. Our robots have got a successful reputation and contributed to a new direction emergence in the investment field. Our project managed to finally become a large company, engaged in trading robots promotion in the foreign exchange market. Our project expanded and became stronger and larger. We united multifunctional workers, leading analysts, traders and programmers worldwide in order to create a team, which will allow RoboInvest to become a flagship in the entire financial industry. We are engaged in constant software products development for getting a high profit, which will be available to every person. We'll prove a serious approach in the online investment field. We always strive to achieve all our partners' goals. You get unlimited investment horizons by becoming RoboInvest partner. This platform is a unique product, providing everyone with a great chance to get a passive profit in leading market niches. We provide both the program to save and increase capital as well as perspective and modern, which will allow to get a stable income in the long term. Our company has got all the required licenses and documents for conducting investment activities.



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