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ZCore Social | Get Paid to socialize

ZCore Social | Social network, More Safe and More Simple
Social network in which ZCore and ZCRT are the payment currencies. Ads, jobs, friends and more. Earn ZCRT by joining this social network.

Available on mobile devices:
Google Play;
Apple Store.

Earning Options

==>Be free to publish and share cryptocurrency content without being censored;
==>Use the platform to create your cryptocurrency-funded crowdfunding campaigns;
==>It has never been easier to buy and sell using cryptocurrencies than in our marketplace;
==>Take advantage of our blogging and micro blogging platform to publish your articles, engage people in debates and online forums;
==>Hire specialized freelancers for any job and pay with cryptocurrencies.

Earn tokens while using social network
Make thousands of friends and have fun, you earn rewards in tokens just using the social network

Smooth and Simple Features
Site has only simple and effective features to help you find exactly what you want.

Your Data are Safe
You have the private key of the wallet that received your tokens, they don’t have your coins.

ZCorePay is your digital cryptocurrency wallet

Do you need a wallet to safely store your cryptocurrencies, which allows you to make transfers without hassle-free?
ZCorePay is a very easy to use wallet, with just a few clicks you can store your digital currencies and carry out transfers seamlessly.
But it doesn’t end there, with ZCorePay, you can make purchases using your cryptocurrencies and still earn CashBack in return!

Keep in Touch with the Community
Register in our social network and stay updated with latest news and events!

You can use any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. Try MyEtherWallet, for example.
You can exchange these tokens to Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, Tether, and many other ERC-20 tokens.
When i will make my FIRST payment, i will post it here. This is NEW for me too

Register here:
Zcore Social| Get FREE Tokens

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