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The project runs from November 15, 2019 and pays.

Kind of earnings:
The implementation of CPA/GPT tasks.
Earnings on the clicks. The cost of an ad click is from 0.0005 to 0.02$.
Traffic exchange up to $ 0.005. You can only spend on advertising. Viewing 2 required ads.
Promote your referral link.
Advertising packages (XPacks) up to 130% of the profit.
Additional functions as the site develops.

Three levels of referrals.
You can rent referrals from 0.2$.
Direct referrals can be purchased.

Payment systems: PerfectMoney and Payeer.

Vacation Mode

Monthly membership packages:
Advanced $4
Ultimate $28
Ultimate Plus $48
Plus Plus $88

Anti-cheat system:
Registration IP address
All IP addresses used
Information about your PC and browser
Relationships between users (referrals and direct referrals)
Other filter





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