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Hello dear members !

I want to represent the HYIP project with excellent reputation X-FUNGUS.COM

They are working since 27 March 2020 and proposing:

-Minimum deposit is only 0.05$
-Every hour interest accruals and capitalization (0.10% per hour = 2.43% daily)
-Fully automatic and unlimited withdrawals by request at any time
-Affiliate program 25% from partner’s earnings
-Free instant internal transfers

They accept:
PerfectMoney (0.05$-5000$)
Payeer (0.05$-5000$)
Bitcoin (20$-5000$)
Ethereum (20$-5000$)
PayPal (max. 20$, fee and 24-hours hold)
BankCards (max. 100$, only 3d-secure cards and not all countries)

My investment is 10$. They pay! More info with images.
03.06.20 11:14 Receive Received Payment 0.4 USD from account U21217818 to account U24073422. Batch: 317609484. Memo: API Payment.





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