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DogeYield Update Announcement

The Update will available from 2021-03-25

for the process of moving the database and integration to, the farm will be maintenance on 2021-02-14. on that date all earning and withdrawal history will be reset, please make a withdrawal before that date.

✅ New interface, the farm will be moved to with simpler and easier to use interface, while will contain general information, dogy exchanger and partner information including complete guide and how our platform works

✅ Earning rate system for holders will be changed to % share of pool

✅ Double reward for staking, staker will get Dogy + Doge rewards

✅ Adding earning swap feature, users can swap their earnings dogy to doge and doge to dogy

✅ Adding the Stake with partner feature (DOGY-Partnertoken LP)
We will collaborate with other projects, with triple reward dogy + doge + partner token

✅ More exchange listings

🚀Enjoy no-deposit yield farming experience with DogeYield. Earn more and faster with all your assets safe in your wallet 🚀🚀 hold dogy earn doge, hold lp earn more

Thong bao bao tri nang cap he thong den ngay 25/3 nhe m.n




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