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Who we are?

The mechanism of how we earn is:

Our company creates unique biotechnological developments based on use of SoC, which become the basis for the creation by the world's leading biotechnological companies of the latest interactive prostheses, smart implantation systems, diagnostic equipment, microchips of hearing control, microchips of vision control and many other, necessary and useful inventions.

We are not owners of hardware modules or, for example, implants. We create correctly functioning mathematical and technological models and complexes based on the SoC technology, which are sold to the world's leading biotechnology corporations, which already, in turn, create a product available to people around the world.

Our development is a complex and expensive process, requiring maximum consolidation of both financial efforts and integration of the entire team of the company specialists.

Nuboitic is a research and development company that forms the global bio-digital market with its technologies and inventions, being one of the largest suppliers of SoC to create fundamentally new devices to explore new drugs, bio-technologies and devices that help sick people see, walk, hear and win over previously incurable diseases and their consequences. Understanding the revolutionism of our technologies, many leading biotechnology corporations are ready to buy our inventions, thus ensuring their own prosperity in the long term. And we are ready to provide not only our research and patents, but also fully tested complexes. And for this purpose we use investors' money, because every such development is a huge investment, which needs to be consolidated not only by company, but also by a large number of investors.

Thus, you invest in the development processes of new technologies, which become a highly liquid asset of the company. As a result, everyone involved in this process makes a steadily high profit while making the world around them a better place, helping people with disabilities and giving a second chance for those who have virtually lost hope for a better future.

Geographically, the company is located in China, where Nuboitic has registered its commercial activities. As for our team, its integration into a single effective mechanism has become available thanks to modern online technologies, as most of our employees live outside the PRC. But this in no way affects the efficiency of our work and even provides some advantages related to reducing overhead and hospitality costs.



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